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A portrait, but really different! Artist Guido Vermetten creates a unique abstract piece of art as a contemporary translation of you, labelled “ARealYou”. A painting based on your qualities, a painting that envisions your character and personality.


Or.... based on your company or organisation and its activities, vision and succes. When Guido has had a good interview with you or your company in which he has learned more about you, he freely and uniquely translates this into an abstract form of shapes and colors. Interested? Send Guido an email and he will tell you all about it.


“ARealYou” are on display at:

Residence de Beauté Evelien at Chaam


business complex Incubator at Breda


village brewery De Pimpelmeesch at Chaam 


Hotel De Villa at Alphen (NBR)


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EenEchteGuido op Twitter